We are two sisters born and raised in New York City who have lived downtown, uptown, east, and west over the past 30 years. We love our city and all of its resources, and are passionate about the culture, fashion, and lifestyle it provides us. Through our many years of scouring different neighborhoods to find the best of the best, we have researched and gathered an extensive list to provide our followers with a guide to this city. As Mama & Tata (auntie in French), we tell our story from the perspective of a fashionable mom of two, Candice, and a newly pregnant and inquisitive mom-to-be, Jenna, who lean on each other and pass each other sisterly advice. As moms and aunties, on this journey of motherhood together, we would like to share our experiences and impart our insights on how to be a great mom while maintaining beauty, style, and glamour in everyday life. We look forward to giving you a glimpse into our strong sisterly bond as Mama & Tata while providing you with our city secrets. 

Mama (as described by Tata) — Candice Miller is the head buyer for Tenet shop in Southampton, New York. She wears so many hats and has so many talents; on top of her buying experience, she is a certified learning specialist and worked at the Dwight School in an educational and charitable role for over 5 years. I would describe her as a type A mom, a creative planner, who always puts her kids first. I rely on Candice for EVERYTHING! She is my go-to person for advice in all aspects of my life. Her style in 3 words is feminine, cohesive, and original. 

Tata (as described by Mama) — Jenna Crespi left her law profession behind to work at the e-commerce and marketing platform Gilt City, a division of Gilt Groupe. She spent her years there researching New York's best services across all categories, including beauty, fitness, travel, and food, making her an expert on her city. Jenna grew up raiding my closet and now leans on me to answer all of her questions regarding motherhood. I continuously rely on Jenna for sound judgment and relaxed energy, which will make her a great mom. Her style in 3 words is comfortable, casual, and simple.

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Contributing Editors


Kira Cohen — Born and raised in NYC, in the home of a film producer and a makeup artist, Kira has always had the inside track on the newest trends.

Growing up the daughter of an internationally recognized makeup artist, Kira was constantly exposed to every aspect of the beauty industry. Beginning on photo shoots with Richard Avedon and Irving Penn for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers, to sitting through beauty lectures for TV and radio, Kira's exposure to the world of beauty was vast. And she even served as the muse for her mother's book, "The Pregnant Woman's Beauty Book", by Gloria Natalie.

Now a single mother of a seven year old girl, feeling and looking both healthy and attractive plays a large role in her life. Determined to always improve on her knowledge of the beauty industry, she has spent years narrowing down products, and advising the best techniques and treatments for each individual.

In most recent years Kira has spent her time as a private beauty consultant, providing services such as personal beauty shopping, editing cosmetic closets and advising on both makeup products and their application. Kira believes personal care is a journey. Skin and hair are always changing with the seasons, age and lifestyle. Trends too, come and go. And with the innovation and advancement of science and technology there are, of course, constant adjustments in beauty all of the time.

Kira now joins Mama and Tata to provide us with all of her valuable knowledge while she continues to find outstanding beauty recommendations.


Louise Amar — Louise Amar’s journey as a healer began from her personal search for answers while falling seriously ill.  When living in Vienna, Louise experienced the power of healing work in a situation where western medicine had no answers. A Healer and Reiki master came to her aid and the healing session put her back on her feet. Since that moment, Louise ended a very successful international modeling career and has dedicated her life to the science of healing work.

Originally from Israel, Louise has traveled extensively and studied a variety of healing modalities, philosophies and practices of other cultures and countries. She also participated in research at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, along with doctors, to create an integrative response to the healing process.

Based in New York City since 1999, Louise has been empowering and educating women on self healing and feminine values as a woman, a mother, and a spouse. Through dedicated one-on-one energetic healing sessions Louise helps individuals liberate their fullest potential in health and happiness. 

After many years of experience working with clients suffering from different forms of cancer Louise was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphatic cancer. This challenging experience gave Louise a wonderful first-hand opportunity to get a deep understanding and evolve her knowledge of working with cancer mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Louise also had the very difficult task of sharing and teaching her children how to understand and deal with their mother going through her own intense healing process consciously so they all could grow together from such adversity. 

The healing system Louise  has developed is based on ancient practices, extensive research and personal experience. Her healing techniques help integrate both western and eastern medicine approaches.

Louise is a very happily married Mother of two wonderful children Ilai 13 years old and Elah 11 years old.